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Restoring lives of Burn Survivors – Our Story

During the pandemic, our chairperson sought out like-minded individuals with a similar inclination to charity. A combined altruistic heart formulated discussions around what kind of nonprofit organization can be developed. As the discussion went underway, Dr Ahuja found support at home, within the family, and amongst keen professional colleagues.

Thus, the journey began to bring structure to the organization; Dr Ahuja’s present associate in his private practice, Dr Raman Sharma, and the foundation’s present COO, Ms Aarti Ahuja, helped draft the guidelines and working structure. Other philanthropic people extended their professional Services as lawyers and CAs to establish the foundation on 1 August 2020 in New Delhi, India.

Why 1st August 2020?

In the Indian cultural context where the foundation finds its essence, the contribution of parents is given gratitude, and this is Dr Ahuja and his family’s Gratitude to his late father Dr B. B.Ahuja, an equally renowned dermatologist of his time and deeply loved Uncle to an extended family around the world. While also sharing the Gratitude towards Mrs Kussum Ahuja, his mother.

The First Year –

Recruiting hospital partners was a personal phone call away. Senior colleagues in Plastic and burn Surgery were approached, and the model was explained. As 2021 dawned, our initial partner hospitals, under the eminent professional colleagues of Dr Ahuja, set us on our mission to restore lives.

Hospital Name City Name of Dr Date of Joining
Soni Hospital Panipat Sanjay Soni 22.07.2021
Radix Hospital Delhi Dr Ravi Mallik, cases handled by Dr Raman Sharma 24.07.2021
Amandeep Hospital Amritsar Dr Ravi Mahajan 08.08.2021
MR Hospital Erode Darmeshwaran 10.09.2021
Lahane Hospital Latur Vithal Lahane 20.09.2021
Kalda Hospital Raipur Sunil Kalda 04.10.2021
Amish Hospital Vadodara Umesh Shah 13.11.2021
Balaji Hospital Karnal Rakesh Jindal 28.10.2021
Soni Burn Centre Hisar Rajat Soni 27.11.2021

The medical fraternity colleagues also became our initial donors, along with family and friends from around the world, who continue to support us. Amongst friends, we are grateful to Mr Mohit Chandramin, a fellow Modernite classmate of Dr Ahuja, who shared about the foundation with the then CEO of Niti Aayog, Mr Amitabh Kant, who inaugurated the foundation virtually on 1st August 2021. From family, the Foundation was supported in donations, and Mrs Renuka Prasad , a loving aunt and benevolent champion of fighting cancer as the then Secretary of the Indian Cancer Society, blessed the inauguration by anchoring the proceedings.

A few days before the inauguration, as elective surgeries were allowed again amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our first burn survivors were treated as beneficiaries of the foundation. The first case was done at Soni Hospital Panipat by Dr Sanjay Soni on 23rd July 2021, and subsequently, the second on 9th August 2021; he continues to be an active partner in our fourth year as well, having restored more than 10 lives through Burn Healing Foundation. We have a strong team of 20 partner hospitals across India as of June 2024. As illustrious as the partner doctors are, even the

The board of Management is graced by equally renowned personalities: Dr Deepak Kapur, who heads National Rotary Projects; Mr Madhav Lal, a Retired IAS Officer from J&K who leads management roles with various top-notch agencies; and Mr Sudhir Dewan, who runs an Organ Donation Foundation, Mohan Foundation.

Our Journey Till Now

The blessings of elders, encouragement from family, support from the medical fraternity and the strengthening of faith in restoring lives case by case evolved the community outreach program, “ Survivor Supporters”. From gathering 100 volunteers in 2021 to continuing to grow the social media outreach and communicate the cause of burn advocacy and awareness, Burn Healing

The Foundation is finding recognition in the online media space and aims to gain patronage of CSR programs. Other social charitable organizations, like the Rotary Wheel District and professional organizations like the National Academy of Burns India ( NABI ), have been platforms of outreach to the larger community.

Today the Burn Healing Foundation is medically and administratively run by Dr Rajeev Ahuja himself; assisting in a few administrative and Social Media & Communication tasks is Ms Aarti Ahuja, COO along with her team includes Mr Ashish Guilaini as the advisor, Mr Shashank Mehdiratta as Social Media Head & Ms Pooja as Content Head. While more “ Survivor Supporters” join our cause, restoring lives has been challenging. On the path of creating a social impact, the foundation, from time to time, has faced situations that would make some take the easy way out. But the grit and passion towards the cause have implored us to be on the right path with the equally philanthropic people joining hands and evolving the growth story in their professional and personal volunteering capacities.

Our more than 70 burn beneficiaries operated across our 20 partner hospitals are enjoying a functional quality of life, and Ms Aarti keeps in touch with them. Along with Dr Ahuja’s vision and mission, Ms Aarti aims to provide social rehabilitation through CSR programs supporting surgeries and better sources for a good quality of life!

We urge individuals, doctors and other social agencies to join hands in restoring lives.

Grateful for the chance to restore the lives of burn survivors!


Burn Healing Foundation

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